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April 18, 2021
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Sailing Schedule Search Help
Search the Sailing Schedule by completing the form with the information for which you are searching. The system will perform the search based on all of the information you enter, so if you would like a broad search only complete one or two fields. For a very narrow search, complete several fields.
For example, if you would like to see all the scheduled voyages departing from Houston, TX and arriving at all ports in the current trade lane, just select 'Houston, TX' from the Origin Port list and press 'Search.' If you would like to see just the scheduled voyages departing from Houston, TX and arriving at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, select 'Houston, TX' from the Origin Port list and 'Riyadh, Saudi Arabia' from the Destination Port list and press 'Search.'
If the departure point or destination that you desire are not included in the Origin and Destination Port lists then there are currently no voyages scheduled to depart from, or arrive at, those ports.
If you leave all service categories unchecked the returned results will include all voyages meeting the other search criteria, regardless of the services offered. If you'd like to limit your results to only those voyages including a certain service, check that service's box and press 'Search.' For example, if you desire to see all voyages offering Reefer service, check the box next to the Reefer icon and press 'Search.' Only the voyages offering Reefer service will be returned. You can select as many services as required to narrow your search and find a voyage that fits your needs.
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