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June 8, 2023
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Tariff Filing Fees
All tariffs filed with CargoTrax will enjoy the following services.
Electronic availabilty via the Internet
Access to tariff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Restricted access via user name password
Maximum of three individual accounts
Technical support via e-mail and telephone
 One Time Setup Fees
US$ 300 Conversion Fee

CargoTrax will convert your existing tariff, submitted in either electronic or paper format into our system.

US$ 75 Account Creation Fee

Includes filing FMC Form 1 with the Federal Maritime Commission, creating FMC mandated account and creating individual tariff user accounts.

 Monthly Recurring Fees
US$ 35 Tariff Hosting Fee
Plus tariff amendments, whether tariff rate or rule filings charged as per our TLI/TRI amendment sliding scale.

US$   35 Flat rate per month for  1-15 amendments
US$   65 Flat rate per month for 16-30 amendments
US$   95 Flat rate per month for 31-60 amendments
US$ 125 Flat rate per month for 61-100 amendments
US$ 155 Flat rate per month for 101+ amendments

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